Misandry & the Disposability of Men

“A single dose of testosterone in women causes a substantial increase in fair bargaining behaviour, thereby reducing bargaining conflicts and increasing the efficiency of social interactions. However, subjects who believed that they received testosterone—regardless of whether they actually received it or not—behaved much more unfairly than those who believed that they were treated with placebo.” Nature Magazine, Jan 2010

Ideological Discrimination Against American Men

  • Men as the natural enemy of women's rights
  • Men as psychologically prone to violence
  • Men as biologically inferior to women

The Disposability of American Men

U.S. Army Recruitment Poster

  • Men must register for the military draft (selective service)
    • And are socially pressured to fight in wars across the world
  • Over 90% of work related deaths are men
    • (e.g. fishermen, loggers, miners, oil rig workers, cops, firefighters, etc.)
  • 40% of domestic abuse victims are men
    • But 99% of abuse shelters are for women only
  • 70% of homeless are men (women get more assistance)
  • Overall life expectancy is lower for men than women
  • 80% of all suicides are men
  • 75% of all murder victims are men

Legal Discrimination Against American Men

Social Discrimination Against American Men

  • Men are often ostracized for working in women-dominated career fields
    • (e.g. nurses, administrative assistants, school teachers, etc.)
  • Single fathers of daughters and male teachers of girls bear a far greater social stigma than women in reverse roles
  • Casual Misandry and Female Chauvinism are sometimes treated as harmless or funny

The Gender Pay Gap

Violence Against American Men

  • Young boys are more often victims of harsh corporal punishment than girls
  • Violence against young boys and men is often downplayed as "normal"
  • Sexual violence against men (esp. in prison) is often treated as amusing
    • South Park jokes on double standards (video)
    • President Obama on prisons (video)

Are Men more Violent to their Partners and Kids?

  • 70% of one-way domestic violence (i.e. didn't fight back) is committed by women against their male partners
    • Investigative journalist films public reactions to domestic violence against men (video)
  • Of millennial children who were abused or killed by one parent, 70% of the time it was their mother