Ethics • PHIL2306

This course is designed to familiarize students with the basic framework of the key ethical models from classical and contemporary Western philosophy.

We will begin by grounding our ethics, looking at two contractual ethical approaches: those founded on a contract with a divine influence and those founded on a contract with society. Then we will examine two absolutist approaches: one that primarily relies on our moral duties to make ethical decisions and the other than focuses on the consequences of our actions. In our third module, we will examine theories that consider multiple factors such as virtue ethics and care ethics. Finall, we will end with contemporary ethical questions. Is it right to look out for #1? How can I possibly judge another person/culture/etc.?

Module I. Grounding our Ethics

Module II. Absolutism: Rules & Consequences

Civil Rights March
Selma, March 1965

Module III. Pluralism: Character & Care

Module IV. Contemporary Ethical Questions